#4651 titanium steel bracelet

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Material: Titanium steel

Catalog number: YMB100

Treatment process: electroplate

Origin: Dongguan

Major downstream platforms: 淘宝,京东,ebay,PDD,亚马逊,wish,快手,LINIO,SHEIN,速卖通,天猫,独立站,LAZADA,拼多多,shopee,抖音,垂类电商

color: Gold-inlaid small waist bracelet, gold-starry bracelet, gold-openwork Roman numeral bracelet, gold-shell bracelet, gold-slub shell bracelet, gold-full diamond bracelet, gold-fish scale bracelet, gold-starry bracelet (three rows of diamonds)

There are private label brands that can be licensed: not

Whether it is a cross-border export of exclusive supply sources: be

Pop elements: elliptical

Year/season of listing: Spring 2023

style: Original design

Style classification: Original design

Major sales regions: Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia, Middle East

Classification of popular elements: geometry

Weight N/A

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