#4664 Oil Painting Flowers 6D Curved Edge-Pink-6DQBW2030

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brand: FNKO

style: Translucent

Material: tpu

Pop elements: cartoon

craft: spray coating

color: 6D Curved Edge-Pink-6DQBW2030, 6D Curved Edge-Silver-6DQBW2030, 6D Curved Edge-Black-6DQBW2030, 6D Curved Edge-Pink-6DQBW2030+a1981 Bracelet, 6D Curved Edge-Silver-6DQBW2030+a1234 Bracelet, 6D Curved Edge-Black-6DQBW2030+a65 Bracelet

Applicable models: apple 11, apple 11 pro, apple 11 pro #max, apple 12, apple 12 pro, apple 12 pro #max, apple 13, apple 13 pro, apple 13 pro #max, apple 14, apple 14plus, apple 14pro, apple 14 pro #max, apple 15, apple 15plus, apple 15pro, apple 15 pro #max, apple 7 plus #8 plus, apple x # xs, Apple XR, Apple XS #MAX, Redmi K40 #K40PRO, Redmi K50PRO, Redmi K60 #K60PRO, Redmi K60E, Redmi K70, Redmi NOTE12 #5G, Redmi NOTE12PRO #5G, Redmi NOTE13, Redmi NOTE13PRO, Redmi NOTE13PRO Plus, Xiaomi 10S, Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 12PRO, Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi 13PRO, Xiaomi 14, XIAOMI 14 PRO

Major downstream platforms: ebay, Amazon, Wish, AliExpress, Independent Station, LAZADA, Others

Whether it is a cross-border export of exclusive supply sources: be

Support customization: In the tank

Whether it is a patent source: not

style: Cartoon, cute, individual, trendy, original, anime, ins style

function: Anti-abrasion

Apple models: iPhone 11,iPhone 12,iPhone Xs Max,iPhone 11 Pro,iPhone 11 Pro Max,iPhone 12 Pro,iPhone 12 Pro Max,iPhone13 Pro Max,iPhone13 Pro,iPhone14 Pro,iPhone14 Pro Max

Applicable models: apple

Color classification: Pink, black, silver-gray

Weight N/A
Applicable models

Apple 11, APPLE 11 PRO, APPLE 11PRO #MAX, Apple 12, APPLE 12PRO, APPLE 12PRO #MAX, Apple 13, APPLE 13PRO, APPLE 13PRO #MAX, Apple 14, Apple 14PLUS, APPLE 14PRO, APPLE 14PRO #MAX, Apple 15, Apple 15PLUS, APPLE 15 PRO, APPLE 15PRO #MAX, Apple 7PLUS #8PLUS, Apple X# XS, Apple XR, Apple XS #MAX, 红米K40#K40PRO, 红米K50PRO, 红米K60#K60PRO, 红米K60E, 红米K70, 红米NOTE12#5G, 红米NOTE12PRO#5G, 红米NOTE13, 红米NOTE13PRO, 红米NOTE13PRO加, 小米10S, 小米12, 小米12PRO, 小米13, 小米13PRO, 小米14, 小米14PRO


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