#4597 High-quality shell pattern Shell Pattern [Floral 3]

৳  200.00

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brand: other

style: All inclusive

Material: Acrylic

Pop elements: 鑺辨湹,three-dimensional

craft: Dual-layer IMD

color: Shell Pattern [Floral 1], Shell Pattern [Floral 2], Shell Pattern [Floral 3], Shell Pattern [Floral 4], Shell Pattern [Blend 1], Shell Pattern [Blend 2], Shell Pattern [Blend 3], Shell Pattern [Blend 4], Shell Pattern [Heart 1]

Applicable models: iPhone11,iPhone11promax,iPhone12/12pro銛,iPhone12promax,iPhone13/14閫氱敤,iPhone13pro,iPhone13promax,iPhone14pro,iPhone14plus,iPhone14promax,iPhone15,iPhone15pro,iPhone15plus,iPhone15promax,鍗庝负P40,鍗庝负P40 Pro,鍗庝负P50,鍗庝负P50 Pro,鍗庝负P60/P60 Pro,鍗庝负P70,鍗庝负P70 Pro,鍗庝负Mate30,鍗庝负Mate30 Pro,鍗庝负Mate40,鍗庝负Mate40 Pro,鍗庝负Mate50,鍗庝负Mate50 Pro,鍗庝负Mate60,鍗庝负Mate60 Pro

Whether it is a cross-border export of exclusive supply sources: be

Support customization: In the tank

style: Japan and South Korea

function: Drop resistant

Apple models: iPhone X,iPhone Xs Max,iPhone 11 Pro,iPhone 12 Pro,iPhone 12 Pro Max,iPhone14 Pro,iPhone14 Pro Max

Applicable models: apple

Weight N/A
Applicable models

iPhone11, iPhone11promax, iPhone12/12pro閫氱敤, iPhone12promax, iPhone13/14閫氱敤, iPhone13pro, iPhone13promax, iPhone14pro, iPhone14plus, iPhone14promax, iPhone15, iPhone15pro, iPhone15plus, iPhone15promax, Huawei P40, Huawei P40 Pro, Huawei P50, Huawei P50 Pro, 鍗庝负P60/P60 Pro, 鍗庝负P70, 鍗庝负P70 Pro, 鍗庝负Mate30, 鍗庝负Mate30 Pro, 鍗庝负Mate40, 鍗庝负Mate40 Pro, 鍗庝负Mate50, 鍗庝负Mate50 Pro, 鍗庝负Mate60, 鍗庝负Mate60 Pro


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