#2184 Domestic beauty bubble lip gloss mirror

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Origin: Chinese mainland

brand: Cappuvini/Caboxini

specification: Normal specs

Cosmetics for special purposes: not

Whether it is imported or not: not

There are private label brands that can be licensed: be

Catalog number: AL673641031750

series: Watery lip gloss

Production license number: XK20-170 121

Brand type: Domestic brand

Shelf life: 3 years

Whether it is a cross-border export of exclusive supply sources: be

Major downstream platforms: ebay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, independent station, LAZADA

Non-special cosmetics record certificate number: Guangdong G makeup network preparation 2021574387

color: 1# Cherry Blossom Kite, 2# Smoke Pink Butterfly, 3# Strawberry Balloon, 4# Scarlet Ladybug, 5# Sunset Dragonfly, 6# The Wizard of Kurino Wonderland

Suitable for skin type: general

efficacy: nature

Major sales regions: Southeast Asia

texture: Mirror

Product name: Bubble lip gloss

Weight N/A

1# Sakura kite, 2# Smoke Powder Butterfly, 3# Strawberry balloons, 4# Crimson ladybug, 5# Sunset Dragonfly, 6# The Wizard of Kurino


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