34574 handheld small fan

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brand: The force is good

Fan blade material: plastics

Additional features: Desk stand, lanyard

Whether it is a patent source: not

Catalog number: F62

color: 【F62 Strawberry Bear】With Lanyard, 【F62 Grass Green】With Lanyard, 【F62 Cherry Blossom Pink】With Lanyard,【F62 Sky Blue】With Lanyard, 【F62 Strawberry Bear】With Lanyard + Base, [F62 Grass Green] With Lanyard + Base, [F62 Cherry Blossom Pink] With Lanyard + Base, [F62 Sky Blue] With Lanyard + Base, [F24 Ivory] Foldable, [F24 Grass Green] Foldable, [F24 Cherry Blossom Pink] Foldable

Major downstream platforms: ebay,亚马逊,wish,速卖通,独立站,LAZADA

Major sales regions: Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Europe and the United States

There are private label brands that can be licensed: be

Whether it is a cross-border export of exclusive supply sources: be

size: Rechargeable, battery-based

style: outdoors

Suitable for gift-giving occasions: Points redemption gifts, gifts, advertising gifts, advertising promotions, office space, employee benefits, office benefits

Motor type: Brushed motors

Enclosure process: ABS

noises: 36dB (inclusive) or less

Whether or not there is a built-in battery: Built-in battery

Built-in battery capacity: 300 months-500 months(含)

包装体积: 85*42*168mm

产品净重: 110g

电源方式: USB

外观尺寸: 8*4*15.5cm

扇叶数量: 5片

风速档位: 1档

续航时长: 1-3h(含)

风扇分类: 手持风扇

操作方式: 普通按钮

Weight N/A

【F62 Strawberry Bear】With lanyard, 【F62 Grass Green】With lanyard, 【F62 cherry blossom pink】With lanyard, 【F62 Sky Blue】With lanyard, 【F62 Strawberry Bear】With lanyard + base, 【F62 Grass Green】With lanyard + base, 【F62 Cherry Blossom Pink】With lanyard + base, 【F62 Sky Blue】With lanyard + base


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